Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health of those who entrust us with their lives — the patients and communities we serve.

The Story Behind Our Mission

Salina Regional Health Center was formed in 1995 with the purpose of improving the health of the people it serves. It was founded on the now century-old Christian heritages of its predecessor hospitals Asbury-Salina Regional Medical Center and St. John’s Regional Health Center. The intent was to develop a regional health care system driven by the needs of the communities served. SRHC intended to achieve its mission through teamwork within the organization and collaboration with individuals, organizations, and communities. Years later, Salina Regional Health Center is markedly different in structure and operations but fundamentally similar in purpose.

Salina Regional is now an integrated health system. Primary care physicians are an integral part of Salina Regional. The connection between a patient and his or her primary care physician is the relationship that most impacts health. Subspecialist physicians also are an integral part of Salina Regional, so we have the necessary elements for clinically integrating primary, subspecialty and hospital care. Affiliations with health care providers throughout the Sunflower Health Network have built a foundation for taking that integration to a regional level. Through its hospitals, physicians, clinical and support services, and affiliates, Salina Regional’s health system improves wellness, strives to provide exceptional care for the sick and injured, and meets health needs from prenatal care to end of life.

Salina Regional insists on excellence. Throughout Salina Regional there is a culture of continuous improvement to achieve ever higher standards of patient access, clinical and service quality, affordability, and organizational sustainability. Throughout this culture is the insistence that we do what’s best for the patient.

Salina Regional provides systems of health and systems of care. As the regional leader in north central Kansas providing a full continuum of integrated services, Salina Regional embraces the role of facilitating regional integration. Our primary care physicians are at the nexus of:

  • Systems of care, including illness and injury diagnosis, clinical intervention, rehabilitation, and end of life care
  • Systems of health, emphasizing prevention of illness and injury and maintenance and improvement of health status

Salina Regional collaborates to sustain access. Salina Regional Health Center leads regional initiatives and actively collaborates with the Sunflower Health Network, higher education institutions, regional health care providers, and others to develop and sustain access to comprehensive, highly coordinated services close to home.

Salina Regional earns trust. Sustaining health and health care is critical to sustaining the economic viability of regional communities. Salina Regional embraces its leadership responsibility in making this rural region a healthy place to work and live. People and communities entrust Salina Regional Health Center with their lives.


The values that guide our decisions and behaviors

Patient Centered

The welfare of our patients will be at the center of all decisions we make. Treating patients with respect, kindness, compassion and professionalism is the first step in providing great service to our community and region.


Driven by our commitment to excellence, we recognize quality as a process and a goal. We will not be satisfied with less than perfection. We will develop standards, monitor our outcomes and continuously improve our processes. We will expect excellence from our physicians, our leaders, and our employees – but will recognize errors as an opportunity to learn and improve. Our commitment to excellence will drive our training programs at all levels.


We expect our physicians, our leaders, and our employees to be honest and transparent in treating patients and to have strong ethics. Our communications and promotional programs will likewise be truthful.


We value the trust given to us by our patients and communities to provide the highest quality care to everyone without regard to circumstances or ability to pay. We will treat all people with dignity. We will recognize the self-worth of all patients by making every effort to ensure their basic rights to courtesy and privacy.


We will maintain financial, clinical and management practices that lead to long term stability. We will demonstrate accountability to the community and public institutions that provide resources and support to us.