Corporate Compliance

Employees / Physicians / Volunteers

Salina Regional Health Center is committed to being an organization that operates with the highest standards of integrity and honesty in our business dealings. The Board of Trustees and the Corporate Compliance Committee has approved the Corporate Compliance Plan as well as the Code of Ethical Conduct to be used as guides by employees, physicians, and volunteers in our efforts to conduct business in a legal and ethical manner.

If you become aware of a known or suspected compliance violation, contact Becky Grosland, Corporate Compliance Officer at (785) 452-7175; or call the Compliance Hotline at (785) 452-7848. Your report will remain confidential.

Employees / Physicians / Volunteers

The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA) requires health care entities, such as Salina Regional Health Center, to provide its contractors and vendors with certain information about federal and state laws addressing false claims and false statements.

To comply with the DRA, Salina Regional Health Center makes available (below) a letter to our contractors/vendors that states expectations to comply with DRA and our False Claims Policy. Additional resources listed are the Compliance Plan and the Code of Ethical Conduct.