Student Volunteers

Who are Salina Regional's Student Volunteers?
Student Volunteers are selected from high school and college students who apply for summer volunteering. Materials are posted online mid- March through mid-April annually. Click here for 2024 materials.

Volunteer applicants must be in high school at the time of application and need to be able to contribute at least 35 service hours to Salina Regional during the summer months. Volunteers must meet GPA, health, orientation, and other hospital requirements. Students who meet hour and evaluation requirements are eligible to volunteer a second summer.

The volunteer program targets students interested in healthcare careers, and most volunteers serve more than 35 hours during the summer. Some volunteers become employees or return later as healthcare professionals after completing academic studies.

The number of Student Volunteers is limited each summer. Students are assigned to one of up to 25 hospital departments or units. Duties center on staff support; few involve direct patient interaction.

Assignments are made by Volunteer Department staff based on strength of application and interview and with consideration of student and sponsor schedules.

Salina Regional values the service of Student Volunteers and encourages students to experience the rewards and responsibilities of a summer of service at Salina Regional.

For further information call the Health Center at (785) 452-6159 or email