Interview Information - Student Volunteer Program

After we receive your completed application, we will contact you to set up an interview. Other days may be available as needed.

Guidelines for your interview:

  • First impressions are lasting ones. This is particularly true in an interview situation. Make your first impression a good one!
  • Your appearance and personality contribute to that first impression. Dress appropriately (business casual, well groomed) and start the interview with a warm greeting and a friendly smile.
  • Don’t be shy about selling yourself and your abilities! When interviewers screen applicants for work or volunteer positions, they look for confidence and an eagerness to take on new challenges. Being comfortable and confident with adults is important in the hospital environment.
  • Keep in mind that substance counts more than speed when answering questions. Take time to listen to each question. Collect your thoughts before replying.
  • Make eye contact and answer questions with complete, relevant, enthusiastic answers.

Be prepared to tell us about yourself including:

  • Extracurricular Activities
    • School
    • Civic work
    • Clubs
    • Volunteer work
  • Previous Employment
    • Part-time jobs
  • Emphasis of course studies in school
  • Successes
    • Awards for school, church, or community achievement
  • Your particular interest in health care
  • Your questions about the Student Volunteer Program

Students are assigned to one of up to 25 hospital departments for the summer. Duties center on staff support; few involve direct patient interaction. We base your assignment on many factors including your interests, the strength of your application and interview, and consideration of student and sponsor schedules.

We do not guarantee placement in any particular service area.

Be sure to bring your sealed references to the interview.